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The societal norm has pushed us into big box stores packed with products from hundreds of miles away. Our small farms are dying and a new generation is missing the importance of growing a garden, raising livestock with dignity and learning life skills that were once common. In our technological development we’ve forgotten the land and those who tend it. We have lost our connection to the farmers who live right here in our backyard. Earth Candy Farmacy is here to lift the veil between producer and consumer. We are continuously out searching for local sustainable farmers and artisans, we require respectful and humane treatment of all animals used for our meat supplies, and environmentally conscious agricultural practices. You deserve to know who grew your food, where they are located, and what went into the creation of the meal upon your plate. You deserve face to face monthly meetings of our growers and artisans, community dinners with all local raised goods, and a connection to the people in your food supply chain. We believe less is more and food is medicine. Join us as we change the face of food distribution, where grocery shopping isn’t a chore and every purchase funds a greater purpose. 

you as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit.

Joel Salatin
Polyface farms VA

About Us

Sasha Wilson,

store owner

Starting up in 2013 Sasha and Kevin Wilson found a lack of quality heirloom, organic products available and all meat options were from factory farms. Trip after trip to markets and grocers they found it more difficult to read between the lines and differentiate between what was really local and non-gmo versus what was shipped in from 400 miles away (by law that’s still considered local) as well as what the farmers agricultural practices were. So began our adventure into the world of farming. On a 300 acre family farm in the hills of West Virginia we took off and blew the lid off a market just blooming. The venture grew and grew with restaurants and public schools lining up to purchase the freshest products that had previously been lost to us by commercial farming practices.

We set out to create a community passionate about local food, and we did it.

In 2016 we were given an opportunity we couldn’t deny, took the risk and moved to Portsmouth, OH for a better work opportunity and the idea we could fire up another community driven local food passion.

And here we are now 2020 building in place, vendors on the line and another adventure about to begin.


Come find us in the little brick gem on 6th street, right next to the citizens bank drive thru and across from the Ascend center.

Earth Candy Farmacy

722 6th street Portsmouth, OH 45662




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Online ordering is available all items can be delivered locally or set aside for pick up. None of our dairy or Juices can currently be shipped. Happy Trails, and thanks for stopping by.

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